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Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Vaccines Work

When an organism gets into your body and causes an infection, your body gathers its defences and fights against them. This is the basic principle of how vaccines work.
Certain cells in your blood make what are called antibodies , molecules which are designed to attack specific germs and viruses. These attach to the invaders in your bloodstream and prevent them from invading other cells. Each virus or bacterium has an individual shape, and the antibodies are designed to fit exactly to that shape.
This is how vaccines work to convince your body that the vaccination is a full-blooded attack by the offending viruses or bacteria, and stimulate them into action to develop the memory or blueprint for the antibody in the event of future invasion.
This is all done by your white blood cells. You have two types called B cells and T cells. The B cells manufacture the antibodies while the T cells have two functions. The helper T cells help the B cells to make the antibodies while the killer T cells kill any cells which have been invaded by the viruses or bacteria, and prevent them from reproducing. . How vaccines work to stimulate this action is to mislead the white cells into believing that your body has been infected.
Your body reacts to kill the invaders in two ways: directly through the antibodies, and indirectly through the T cells destroying any infected cells and preventing reproduction.
Viruses cannot reproduce by themselves: they have to use the host s cells for this. If the T cells continually kill off any invaded cells, the invaders themselves must eventually be killed off by the antibodies If the virus or bacterium is strong and reproduce too quickly, the host can be overcome before it can produce enough antibodies to kill them off. The pus which occurs during an infection is the mix of dead white blood cells and bacteria/virus cells destroyed by them.
If your body survives the attack, your B cells retain a memory of the structure of the invaders and should the same viruses or bacteria ever return, antibodies can rapidly be produced and the infection killed off before it starts. The stimulation of this memory is exactly how vaccines work.
Vaccines produce the same memory effect without the patient having to suffer the disease. The organisms that cause the disease are either killed or weakened, then introduced into your body. The strength is calculated to be just enough to enable your white cells to manufacture the antibodies. This is how vaccines work to give you protection against future infection without actually making you ill. The strength of the vaccine is designed to allow this. The dead vaccine can also work, but less efficiently, and the effect is not generally as long lasting.
The live vaccines produce life-long immunity after only one or two doses, but the dead , or inactivated , ones need multiple doses to get the correct effect. Some dead vaccines even need booster doses throughout your life. Examples of these are tetanus and diphtheria vaccines, normally given together every 10 years as the Td vaccine. The measles vaccine is an example of a live vaccine .
Vaccinations do not affect your ability to fight off other infections you have not been immunized against Taos Hum Укрстройинфо

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery

After rhinoplasty surgery, your do
ctor will send you home with an instruction sheet listing many things to be aware of and take heed of after the surgery and before your next office visit. He ll give you credit_offers, contact numbers to phone in case of any emergency that may arise or if you have any questions or concerns after you ve left the office. He ll ask you to keep your head elevated for the next two to three days. That is, if you sleep face down, he ll ask that you consciously make the effort to sleep face up, on your back. This will help reduce the swelling and keep your blood flowing properly throughout the area. A common sensation is a feeling of stuffiness and a desire to blow your nose which you must resist. You ll be breathing through your mouth for a few days and most people describe this as uncomfortable. Drink a lot of liquids and keep your talking to a minimum and this will help you get through this unavoidable situation. It is also common to experience a feeling of heaviness on your face. This is common and can be quite easily relieved with some simple pain killers which will also help in the case of any headaches. If you have difficulty sleeping, your doctor may prescribe several days worth of mild sleeping pills but would rather not as they will slow down the healing process just a bit. Rarely do patients have a truly terrible time after rhinoplasty. The adjustments are temporary and the rewards for a job well done far outweigh the minor post surgical inconveniences which can mostly be addressed with simple procedures and medications.You can expect discoloring of the skin and tissue surrounding the nose after the surgery. This black and blue look will begin to dissipate within a week or so especially after the splint has been removed. Small amounts of makeup and skin covers may be used as long as they do not irritate the area. Try to avoid putting makeup directly onto the incisions if at all possible to avoid possible infection. During this period, make extra sure that nobody touches your nose or face, that you do not bump your nose, or do anything that could slow down the healing process. Watch out especially for kids who don t mean to hurt you but will display great curiosity about Mommy or Daddy s new nose and pets who just don t know any better. You should also avoid the sun, avoid wearing eyeglasses (use contacts during this period if possible) and try not to rub the nose too hard when you wash your face.The most common reaction people have upon seeing their new nose is disappointment. Yes. I said disappointment. Patients, even the most informed ones, expect to see a perfect nose upon removal of the splint and any packing, if used. This will not happen. You can expect to see swelling, sutures (if done externally), bruising, some broken blood vessels and that overall black and blue, just been in a fistfight look, that you did not expect. Relax. In a few days, the swelling will start to go down, the bruising will fade and your new nose will start to emerge. If you ve selected the right surgeon and asked for the right changes, you should be pleased in a short period of time with your new look, the new shape of your nose and the new harmony of your face. Remember, your nose will continue to improve slowly for many weeks and even months after the surgical procedure has faded from your memory.Rhinoplasty Cost provides detailed information on Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty Cost, Rhinoplasty Facility Costs, Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery and more. Rhinoplasty Cost is affiliated with Frequent Sinus Infections.